Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture and Absent Periods

"After countless trips to the doctors, blood tests and scans, I was still no closer to finding out why my periods were so irregular and almost non-existent. I then found Charlotte, an acupuncturist specialising in gynaecology. Charlotte is a highly professional and skilled practitioner and made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and well informed throughout my treatment. After the first session, I instantly felt a boost of energy... I was delighted that within a few weeks my periods returned and since then my periods have been regular every month. Words cannot explain how delighted I am to have had my health and periods restored. I strongly recommend Charlotte's acupuncture practice. "

Asha from Holland

Acupuncture and Labour Induction

"Having gone 7 days overdue with my third pregnancy, I decided to try acupuncture to induce labour and avoid the need to be medically induced in hospital. Charlotte went out of her way to help me at short notice. Although it was my first experience of acupuncture her calm, confident but soothing manner enabled me to relax in the process.

During the treatment I experienced five or six strong contractions and they continued and increased when I got home. My beautiful daughter was born 7 hours later at home, just as I had wanted with no medical intervention. Thank you Charlotte, not only for your professional skill and expertise but also your gentleness, kindness and humanity."

Caroline from London

Acupuncture and Recurrent Miscarriage

"I came to see Charlotte after having two miscarriages and continued bleeding after my operations.....I had never had acupuncture before, but on the recommendation of a friend I found Charlotte. Charlotte was both professional and caring, and put me at ease immediately. The relief of being able to talk about my condition and have her listen and do something about it was overwhelming.

Within two weeks my bleeding stopped and my regular cycle returned. My energy levels and feeling of well being returned and friends and family all commented on how much better I was looking. After further sessions and waiting to give my body time to heal, I am now pregnant again. I have already recommended Charlotte to many friends and would thoroughly recommend her acupuncture practice as the natural holistic way of improving a condition that your doctor simply may not be able to help you with."

Julie from London

Acupuncture and Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years and by any standard it would be regarded as severe. I have always been sceptical of alternative therapies but this summer I was suffering from excruciating back pain as well as pain and stiffness in my neck and I decided to give acupuncture a try. The results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Within one treatment Charlotte managed to almost totally get rid of my back pain and within four treatments the problems in my neck were very much reduced. I am generally now taking half, or less, of the pain killers that I used to take and I feel much better generally. Charlotte also helped boost my immune system when I caught a virus which aided my recovery substantially. I am a complete acupuncture convert now and this is on no small part down to Charlotte. Her easy manner and high level of professionalism put you totally at ease and her results speak for themselves."

Gareth Davies from London

Reflexology and Insomnia

"In Jan' 02 I was 28, and a stressed out workaholic. I loved my job but found it difficult to draw the boundaries between work and the rest of my life, and I was not good at looking after myself. Iíd suffered from insomnia for over ten years and once I tried reflexology I found it worked brilliantly for me. ...When the course of reflexology was complete, I was so pleased with its overall effect that I continued regular treatments, one every 5-6 weeks. Iíve found that reflexology is very effective in helping me sleep; it makes me feel great; calm, happy and very relaxed. I canít believe how well I feel now compared to when I first started receiving treatment."

Kate from London

Acupuncture and Male Infertility and Labour Induction

"My partner and I first visited Charlotte Steed for assistance with conception in February 2006. Charlotte treated both of us with acupuncture and after six weeks I became pregnant. Charlotte continued to treat me throughout the pregnancy for morning sickness, water retention and carpal tunnel syndrome. After the sessions I had relief from the symptoms, felt relaxed and slept very well. In November, Charlotte attended the birth of our son and provided pain relief through acupuncture. Throughout the labour she was very calm and reassuring, and the treatment helped considerably with the pain from the contractions. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend Charlotte Steed for fertility treatment and support during pregnancy and labour. After our joint success we plan to use Charlotte for our next pregnancy."

Helen from London

Acupuncture and IVF

"After five failed cycles of IVF, my husband and I decided to have one final attempt. Charlotte was kind, caring and listened to all I had to say, making sure she got all the relevant history about my previous attempts so that she could provide me with the right treatment. I immediately became confident in her ability and listened to all the advice that she gave me. I then started having weekly sessions, even before my IVF treatment started. To mine and my husbands great surprise and joy, this cycle was successful and at the time of writing this I am now 25 weeks pregnant! Thank you Charlotte, I believe that we would not be in the exciting situation that we are now without your help! I will always look at acupuncture as an excellent way of relaxing me whether during a pregnancy or just in my day to day life!"

Catherine from London

Acupuncture and Sciatica

"Charlotte, I just wanted to thank you for your treatments and to let you know that after the third acupuncture session I had with you during pregnancy, my sciatic pain disappeared completely and I've had no trouble since. I've been recommending you to everyone I know!"

Vicki from London

Acupuncture and IVF/Pregnancy

"Charlotte, thank you for everything! I found your support invaluable throughout the process of IVF and my pregnancy and I'm pretty convinced that the acupuncture contributed to the success of the IVF. I can't tell you how happy I am with my beautiful daughter. Thanks again!"

Roz from London

Moxibustion to Turn Breech Baby

"After the moxibustion treatment for my breech baby, I thought you'd be interested to know that when I got to the ECV appointment and they scanned my belly, the baby was the right way up! She is also 3/5 engaged. The session with you helped me feel a lot more connected with the baby and I'm just looking forward to meeting her. Thank you so much."

Vicky from London

Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

"After a few sessions of cosmetic acupuncture, my skin was much brighter and clearer. My friends commented how well I looked and I felt more confident. I noticed that the lines were less defined and that my complexion less oily. I am so pleased with the results, I can't wait to have more sessions. To think I was considering botox, well now I have an natural alternative, I am sticking with this!"

Pam from London

Cosmetic Acupuncture

"Being in my early forties, I became aware of wrinkles, crows feet and a drooping jaw line. Even my eyes had dark circles beneath them. I was recommended to see Charlotte and the treatment did not even hurt, infact on my first session, it was so relaxing I fell asleep. I have noticed very subtle improvements. My skin is more radiant and the puffiness around the eyes has reduced. My lines seem finer and generally I feel that I look younger. I am very happy with these results, thank you."

Christine from London

Acupuncture for Kidney Stones

"Late 2011 following lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment I passed a 6mm kidney stone fragment, which subsequently resulted in constant urinary urgency over two years. Various medical scans have not identified the root cause of this issue. The urgency severely affected life: halting almost all social activity, hobbies, travel, career opportunities and putting strain on relationships.

I contacted Charlotte in April 2013 after reading a number of science papers indicating acupuncture was effective for inflammation and anxiety. After the first session I could not deny the reduction in overall anxiety and perceived temperature; but most startlingly of all was the week of our third session I passed a 1mm kidney stone! My urgency and anxiety have reduced by more than half, and I have now begun to regain confidence in travel and social activities.

I really am indebted to Charlotte's ongoing work, gentle approachable and understanding professional care. Thank you again. For anyone who is currently managing poor renal health, inflammation and/or anxiety, I would not hesitate in recommending Charlotte. "

Thomas from South Africa

Acupuncture, Endometriosis and Infertility

"I approached Charlotte out of desperation due to a bad case of endometriosis which was causing untold pain and hindering my chances of conceiving. Since getting married and coming off the pill, my periods had been infrequent, heavy and very painful. This was not helped by an incredibly stressful job and frequent 15/16 hour days. I had read that acupuncture could help to regulate things and to calm me down. I was very apprehensive as I am not a fan of needles, but immediately felt at ease when I met Charlotte. She is such a lovely person - very understanding with a gentle manner. It helped that she was clearly very knowledgeable about endometriosis and seemed confident that she could help.

Within 3 to 4 months of starting treatment, my periods were regular - once every 28 days, and much less painful. I was also getting less pain generally from the endometriosis. When I needed to start a course of IVF treatment I took Charlotte's advice about the fertility acupuncture programme during this time. She used a specific acupuncture IVF protocol to treat me and I was overjoyed to have a positive test result on our first attempt. I am incredibly grateful to Charlotte for all her help. I never thought I'd say this, but I really enjoy my sessions as they totally relax me and make me feel wonderful. Also - you really can talk to Charlotte about anything which is a huge relief. I would recommend her to anyone."

Nicki from London

Acupuncture and Low Energy

"I first consulted Charlotte in September 2005 when I was searching for some medical advice as to why I was constantly so tired, lacking in energy and feeling low emotionally. I had blood tests at the hospital but all results came back clear. Still searching for an answer, I booked an acupuncture consultation and treatment. I couldn't believe how quick the results were. Within three treatments, I was re-energised, far more consistent emotionally and very much lifted in myself. Thank you Charlotte for bringing me back to life so quickly, I look forward to continuing my sessions with you now and in the future".

Danielle from London

Acupuncture and The Menopause

"I first saw Charlotte back in the spring of 2006. I was experiencing intense anxiety as a result of menopause. According to recent blood tests, my hormone levels had plummeted and I was as jumpy as a flea! Suddenly, my lifelong claustrophic tendencies overtook my daily life and my days (and nights!) seemed filled with "incidents" of claustrophia. I have never liked needles at any stage of life so trying acupuncture attests to the low point at which I had arrived!

In Charlotte I found a very professional, calm, and caring individual. She is a good listener and had useful, constructive suggestions, even beyond acupuncture. When it came to the needles, on the first day, Charlotte had to mop the sweat from the palms of my hands! But from that first session onwards (my initial course was 6 sessions) I began to feel some sort of balance return to my life. A sense of calm and a sense of control were restored. My sleep improved quite dramatically too. I am greatly indebted to Charlotte, and so is my family!"

Nancy from USA

Acupuncture and Anxiety

"Throughout my whole life, I have always found exams of any kind extremely stressful, particularly practical exams. So recently, when I was training to be an aerobics instructor, the thought of the practical examination filled me with dread... I had several treatments in the run up to my exam to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. The acupuncture, Charlotte's breathing exercises and reflexology massages made a huge difference. Although I did still suffer with some nerves on the day of the exam, the overall effect of the course of acupuncture reduced the stress significantly and I passed the exam. I can not thank Charlotte enough, she taught me to control my nerves, and without her, I am not sure I would have made it through my exam quite so easily."

Sarah from Kent

Acupuncture and Ovarian Cysts

"Last year I was diagnosed with an acute 'simple/functional' ovarian cyst measuring 6.2 x 7.3cm on my right ovary at the emergency gynecology unit, after months of debilitating pain, irregular and painful periods, break through bleeding etc. I was told by the Specialist doctors that it would require immediate surgery, and possibly entire removal of my affected ovary, due to the size and the nature of the cyst. It was explained to me at great length and all my reading on the internet led me to believe that surgery was the only option as all material and advice suggested that an ovarian cyst of this size was highly unlikely to resolve without surgery, and if left untreated it would more than likely twist the entire ovary and require emergency intervention.

Out of desperation I approached Charlotte to help me with the pain management and the side effects of the other symptoms associated with the cyst. During my initial consultation Charlotte and I discussed my lifestyle, including a very stressful job that includes alot of international travel and my nutrition. After the first treatment I slept for the first time in months and generally felt more relaxed and the reduction and frequency of the pain greatly reduced. I did not return to the hospital for a period of 10 weeks, and in the meantime took Charlottes advice on nutrition and continued the acupuncture on a weekly basis, as it provided me with great relief! During this time Charlotte assessed me on a weekly basis and was considerate and understanding and very professional, and altered the treatments in line with my symptoms. I returned to the hospital after 10 weeks of avoidance of the NHS, for the scan out of curiosity and much to the doctors surprise the irresolvable cyst had resolved naturally with out painful and unnecessary surgery. I highly recommend Charlotte and her 'magic needles' to anyone!"

Katrina MacLachlan from New Zealand

Acupuncture and Ovarian Cysts

"I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful treatments. I finally was referred for a check up scan for my ovarian cyst in November which to my relief, was clear. To help with treatment and to generally detox, I also came off the pill in September and my periods, for the first time ever, are perfectly regular. I do believe much of it thanks to the acupuncture sessions with you. So thank you ever so much!"

Anja from Germany

Acupuncture and IVF

"After being diagnosed with mild endometriosis, suspected PCOS and following 3 failed IUI's, I approached Charlotte with a view to preparing my body for IVF/ICSI treatment. I suffered no ill effects from the IVF drugs, and quickly recovered from the egg collection procedure. I found the entire process much less stressful than anticipated, and was delighted to have a positive result at the end of it! I am now in the early stages of a much wanted pregnancy. Thank you Charlotte!"

Claire from Kent

"Charlotte, thank you for helping our dream come true. We have a beautiful little girl to show for all our hard work!"

Rachel and Tony from London

Acupuncture and Labour Induction

"Dear Charlotte, Just thought I'd let you know that the result of your acupuncture has arrived. Dylan was born on Feb 9th. Fantastic labour, no pain relief needed and he was a bouncing weight at 9lb 10oz. Thank you so much for your help with the acupuncture. I'm sure it regulated my cycle and was key in becoming pregnant so quickly. I will definately be recommending you!"

Debbie from Canada

Acupuncture and IVF

"Charlotte, I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me, knowing that I have had someone very experienced and knowledgeable advising me and always listening to all my issues makes me feel very comfortable about the treatment. I donít think that I would have got through the last 5 months so easily without your wonderful advice and your calm approach to situations. Thank you again for all the support you have given me it is appreciated more then words can say."

A.V. from New York

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

"Dear Charlotte, I would like to thank you for all your support. I am so relieved that The Barkantine Centre midwife recommended your pre-birth acupuncture programme. My first child was born as I had hoped, naturally at home in a birthing pool. The labour was very quick and there were no problems with her delivery. I was so anxious during the pregnancy and the pre-birth acupuncture prepared me emotionally and physically, thank you so much. "

Claire from London

Labour Induction Acupuncture

"Just to let you know, baby George was born the next morning after my labour induction acupuncture session. It turns out when they examined me that I was already 3cm dilated and therefore had been having contractions without even noticing. I then felt rather smug! George, 8lb 6 oz, was born on Wed 21 Jan at 5.43am after approx 10 hours of labour. Thank you for all the sessions - I am inclined to think that perhaps getting to 3cm without realising may well be down to the acupuncture? If so, it was worth every penny! I shall be recommending you to my friends."

Laura from London

Pregnancy Acupuncture

"I wanted to write a long time ago, but time has just flown since I last saw you as we moved out of London to the countryside and I fell pregnant in November 2009!! My baby girl was born August 2010 and life is wonderful! Thank you so much for your help and advice and the lovely treatments you gave me. You were very kind when I was at the end of my tether! "

Faye from London

Headaches Acupuncture

"I used to experience cluster headaches which would wipe me out for two to three weeks at a time. Now, since having acupuncture, this is the first year I have had no cluster headaches. I am amazed and relieved that I found something that has improved my quality of life. Charlotte is a true professional and up to speed with all the latest research in the field of acupuncture. Also, since having acupuncture, I have more energy and sleep has improved! Thank you."

Graham from Australia

Migraines Acupuncture

"I have been a sufferer of migraines for years and found them debilitating, to the extent of having to take time off work and cancel social events. Acupuncture worked immediately for me, and I wish I had tried it sooner. My migraines are a rare occurrence now, and have reduced by 80% in terms of intensity and pain. I would whole heartedly recommend Charlotte Steed. As a practitioner, she is is calm, confident and knowledgable. "

Tim from London

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