Acupuncture Services in London

Acupuncture for Women

The London Acupuncture Space develop acupuncture programmes to support women's health.

We specialise in fertility, pregnancy and the treatment of babies and children.

Charlotte Steed worked as a fertility and obstetrics acupuncturist at the renowned Zita West Clinic and offers these specialist services:

Gynaecological Conditions
Many of our female clients suffer from painful, irregular or heavy periods or PMT.
Acupuncture is especially effective in treating these conditions aswell as gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, uterine cysts or polyps, fertility concerns, and general health complaints.

Fertility and Pregnancy
We offer various fertility acupuncture packages to support natural conception and IVF fertility treatments.

Our London acupuncture clinics promote the safe use of acupuncture during all stages of pregnancy, and are experienced in providing pregnancy acupuncture for morning sickness, pelvic pain, breech presentation, labour induction and other pregnancy conditions.

We may prescribe Chinese herbal remedies, that are approved by the UK Register of Herbal Medicine, depending on your condition.

We are happy to liase with your London fertility clinic and GP to ensure effective care and communication.


London Acupuncture & Reflexology | Conditions:

Our London acupuncture and reflexology conditions can safely support western medicine and may help these conditions:

If your condition is not listed, please email The London Acupuncture Space and we will happily respond to your enquiry.
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